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How We Got Here

We’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow. We provide cleaning solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service.

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What We Do

Our Innovation

At WINDO, we're revolutionizing the way high-rise windows are cleaned with our cutting-edge drone cleaning services. Say goodbye to traditional, risky, and time-consuming methods of window cleaning, and say hello to a new era of efficiency, safety, and unparalleled cleanliness.


Advancing Safety Standards

Safety is our utmost priority. With WINDO drone cleaning services, you can bid farewell to risky maneuvers that endanger lives. Our drones are operated by skilled professionals who are trained to ensure a seamless, accident-free operation. No more heart-stopping moments or concerns about human error – just a pristine view and peace of mind.

Efficiency Redefined

Time is money, and we understand the value of both. Our drone cleaning services slash the time it takes to clean high-rise windows by a significant margin. With swift and efficient drone movements, we complete projects in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. Your building's windows will be sparkling in no time, without disrupting your daily operations.


Soaring to New Heights of Clean

Gone are the days of scaffolding, cranes, and manual labor hanging precariously outside towering buildings. Our fleet of state-of-the-art cleaning drones takes window cleaning to new heights – literally.


Equipped with advanced technology and precision controls, our drones glide effortlessly up the sides of skyscrapers, leaving behind a sparkling, streak-free finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any building.

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